Dramione AU- A Face in the Darkness

The vein on his forehead throbbed as he clenched his eyes shut, trying to shut out the world. He clutched onto the sink for support, his insides rolling, as the guilt hit him square in the chest. Then, something flashed between his eyes, and just like that it was gone. A face had surfaced in his moment of despair and it wasn’t one he had expected. Hair flying in the breeze, a smile playing on her lips mischievously, she looked up… Granger.


dramione au - Draco immerses himself in the muggle lifestyle of clubbing and bumps into a familiar face his first night as DJ.

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1/x characters of matched series: 

Cassia Maria Reyes→ “Now that I’ve found the way to fly, which direction should I go into the night?”

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YA Lit Book Meme ♔ nine quotes [3/9]
"Do not go gentle." from a poem by Dylan Thomas
featured in Matched by Ally Condie

"His voice reaches me when no one else’s can."

"His voice reaches me when no one else’s can."