Tom playing along with a Narcissa RP.

Klaus (1x06) and Caroline (5x06) smiling after shit gets done.


Klaus + Showing Vulnerability Because of Caroline

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In her mind, they were one in the same. Cold and wet and constantly placed in a category that, perhaps, suited both, though could not attest to their individual beauty. Just as snow was one of those things that happened in winter, he was one of the reasons why people warded their homes and cringed whenever they heard the floorboards creak at night. These were dark times for the world, and he was simply one of those who made them darker.

Sophie Turner’s We Must Protect Jack Gleeson At All Costs Post

"I kind of wish he would do more television interviews so that people can see what he’s really like, because there is so much hate for Joffrey, I feel protective of Jack now. If I were him, I’d be petrified that people would come up and slap me on the street!I should be his bodyguard." [x]